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Department of Biology  


The Biology Department is housed in a modern science facility, the Zeis Science and Multimedia Building, which opened in 2009. This 86,000 square-foot facility provides state-of-the art teaching and research labs for students.

Zeis Hall

The biology faculty includes specialists in the fields of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, botany, herpetology, ecology, evolution, animal behavior, human anatomy and physiology, animal and plant physiology, cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, and genetics. You will find that we work closely together, and are always available to assist you. One advantage of a small department such as ours is the opportunity for individual attention; you will get to know and work with each of your professors. Although we represent diverse specialties, we each work toward a common goal of quality education for our students.  

One unique aspect of our program of study is the opportunity for ecological field work in the many natural areas that are within easy travel distance from Asheville. These include more than one million acres of national parks and national forests that are within a one-hour drive of campus. You may also have the chance to travel to the deserts, tropics, or coast for an on-site ecology course. Our students benefit greatly from field experience, which supplements and enhances our laboratory and research thrust. 

The Biology Department encourages student participation in activities which strengthen scientific awareness and learning outside the classroom. Missing Links, the biology club, provides opportunities for you to interact with other biology students and faculty in service and social activities.  We encourage you to explore the navigation links that provide more detailed information about our faculty, students, and learning environment.

Dr.Gregg Kormanik , Chair