Clubs & Organizations

The Biology Department offers several opportunities for majors to become involved in the department. These possibilities include academic, social and service activities. Each offers you the chance to get to know faculty and other majors better, to have some fun, and to enhance your experience at UNC Asheville.

The Missing Links Biology Club

The Missing Links Biology Club offers students an opportunity to engage in activities that foster camaraderie and friendship, provide community service, and enhance the education of biology majors.

As with all student organizations, the success of this club is directly dependent upon student involvement. We encourage you to attend Missing Links meetings and use your creativity to build an organization that provides support for majors and attracts other students who are considering majoring in biology. Past activities include outdoor outings, study parties, teaching gifted kids on Super Saturday, and trips to museums. We are open to new ideas and collaborations!

Departmental Seminars

The Biology Department periodically invites a professional scientist or other luminary to speak to biology faculty and students. Topics vary widely, but are of general interest to biologists. As a biology major, you are especially welcome to attend these seminars. Many of the speakers come from institutions wishing to attract graduate students, so you may be able to make some helpful contacts and become informed about regional graduate programs in this informal environment. Check the departmental webpage or bulletin board for seminars and other announcements.