Biology and Environmental Studies Seminar Schedule, Fall 2020

*All seminars can be accessed via Zoom (passcode: seminar)
. 09/17/20. Subject to revision, please check for updates.

You can access recordings of past seminars by following this Google Drive Link!

August 27

Dr. Linda Kah, University of Tennessee Knoxville; “Searching for Life on Earth and Mars”

September 17

Dr. Jake Francis, University of Nevada, Reno; “Multiple dimensions of floral rewards drive pollinator behavior and pollen movement”

September 24

Dr. Jeremey Tiemann, Illinois Natural History Survey; “Vermilion River Mussel Projects – from reintroductions to dam removal”

October 1

Dr. Manjul Dutt, University of Florida; “TBD: Boosting the Citrus Tree’s Immunity to Combat

October 8

Dr. Andrea Etter, University of Vermont; “Salmonella outbreaks in poultry: from the backyard flock to the processing plant”

October 22

Dr. Linsey Haram, Smithsonian; “TBD”

October 29

Dr. Jim Chapman, NC Geological Survey; “TBD”

November 5

Dr. Nikolas Stasulli, University of New Haven; “TBD: Interactions and succession in microbial communities”


Dr. Leila Rieder, Emory University; “TBD”