UNC Asheville Biology & Environmental Studies
Departmental Seminar Series Spring 2021


Seminars are at 12pm via this Zoom link (Meeting ID 992 4501 1432; passcode seminar)

When available, seminar recordings will be posted here

February 11 Dr. Mizuki Takahashi, Bucknell University

TBD: salamanders

February 18 Earl Hunter, Black Folks Camp Too


February 25 Ben Novak, Revive & Restore

“From De-extinction to Genetic Rescue”

March 4 Dr. Courtney Thompson, Texas A&M University


March 11 Dr. Calla Olson (UNCA ’08), Baylor College of Medicine

TBD: chemical biology, drug discovery process

March 18 Natalia Drebes Dörr, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

TBD: amoeba predation and Vibrio cholerae defense
March 25 Susanne Masters, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

“Cultural and Environmental Dimensions of Orchid Trade”
April 1 Sapna Mulki, Water Savvy Solutions, Breaking Green Ceilings
“Podcasting for Environmental Advocacy and Inclusion”

April 15 Dr. Sarah Schaak, Reed College


April 22&27 Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentations

*Student presentations will run from 11:20-1:20pm; a detailed schedule will
be posted in April