Biology and Environmental Studies Seminar Schedule, Spring 2020

*All seminars take place at UNC Asheville, in Rhoades Robinson Hall (RRO) Room 125, 12:00–1:00pm unless otherwise noted v.02/07/20. Subject to revision, please check for updates.

January 16

Ari Miller, UNC Asheville, What is a ‘species’ anyway? Insight into how we define and delimit biodiversity

February 6

Dr. Jesse Hill, NC Geological Survey, Not old dead mountains, but slumbering giants; Cenozoic uplift of the southern Appalachian Mountains

February 13

Dr. Danny Fisher, University of California Berkeley, Fire’s Image: Pyrodiversity and the Politics of Apprehension

February 27

Dr. Jon Hagar, VCOM-Carolinas and Gibbs Cancer Center, “TBD: Cancer immunotherapies and cell-free reconstitution of T-cell signaling”

March 5

Dr. Olya Milenkaya, Warren Wilson College,  TBD

March 26

Jim Chapman, NC Geological Survey, TBD: using medium-resolution multispectral satellite imagery (Landsat) to delineate heavy mineral placer deposits in North Carolina

April 2

Dr. Jacob Warner, UNC Wilmington, TBD

April 9

Dr. Sean O’Connell, Western Carolina University, TBD: Soil microbial ecology

April 21

UNCA Undergraduate Research Symposium