Amanda Wolfe’s Team


In their research to develop new antibiotics naturally produced by bacteria, Wolfe’s team has already successfully isolated and synthesized several molecules capable of killing bacterial pathogens.

About the Scholars

Leah Bouthillette, junior chemistry major

Hometown: Huntersville, NC
Why she's a Scolar: This program has so many great opportunities that I believed would help me grow as a student, researcher, and scientist. I hope to go to graduate school for chemistry, which is primarily based on conducting research. I thought that this program would be the perfect way to get a feel of what taking on a research project would be like and what working in a lab requires. Additionally, I know this program encourages traveling to conferences and meetings, which I think is imperative to being actively engaged in the science field. I don't believe many undergraduates get to experience going to conferences and learning about what is currently happening in the world of science, which makes this program unique.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to learn more into what it takes to be a researcher in the chemistry field. As I've previously stated, I intend on going to graduate school so I hope that getting this first-hand research experience will prepare me for my future aspirations. I also look forward to working collaboratively with the other GSK scholars as well as the post-doc GSK fellow and hope to gain more knowledge and ideas regarding my own research goals.
Other organizations or programs: I am an organic chemistry tutor as well as treasurer of UNC Asheville's American Chemical Society chapter.
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I love how UNC Asheville is a relatively small campus, because the university focuses on the students as individuals. It allows for personal relationships with the faculty, to where they don't think of you as just a number. UNC Asheville truly allows you as a student to get all you need and want from an undergraduate education.

Tess Handy, junior biology major

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Why she's a Scholar: The wonderful opportunities to progress with research and share my research with others. It also gives me to tools to pursue my research to its fullest and prepare for grad school.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to apply and increase my understanding of microbiology and organic chemistry while developing skills in the laboratory. The opportunities granted through this program will allow me to present my research to fellow peers and mentors at professional conferences along with promoting passionate inquiry and a love for the sciences.
Other organizations or programs: I participate in a women’s Ultimate Frisbee club on UNCA’s campus. We practice three times a week and travel for tournaments. It’s really fun and a great way to keep my body and mind healthy!
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: My favorite aspect of UNCA is the close student-professor relationships, which formed early on in my undergraduate career. Since we are a small liberal-arts school, the undergraduates are given more opportunities and responsibilities in and outside of the classroom. We are trusted in the laboratory and treated as if we were graduates with close mentorship and independent projects. UNCA has granted me a lifelong passion for liberal arts, chemistry and biology.

Jordan Hartig, freshman chemistry major

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Why she's a Scholar: My love of chemistry and attraction to this excellent opportunity for independent research drew me to this program.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to learn a variety of useful skills that come with working in a laboratory setting.
Other organizations or programs: None at this moment, but I take many credit hours
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I absolutely love the personal relationships that the faculty has with their students. Small class sizes mean that each student gets the help that they need with their classwork from their professors.

Sita Luna Schussler, sophomore chemistry major

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Why she's a Scholar: I was attracted to this program by a desire to learn more about medicine discovery and origins of disease at a cellular and molecular level so that I may one day be able to make a significant contribution in this scientific field for the benefit of all.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to learn how to conduct scientific research in medicinal chemistry both independently and working cooperatively with others.
Other organizations or programs: None at the moment. Being a full-time student and mom while working part-time keeps me busy.
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I really appreciate the small classes and unique teaching styles of my instructors. It's great to be called on by name, treated as an individual and recognized for my strengths.