Ted Meigs’ Team


As part of his ongoing cancer research, Ted Meigs' project team is investigating cell signaling pathways in the body to better understand what causes tumors to form and metastasize. Specifically, their work involves studying G Alpha 12 proteins, a sub-family of proteins that have been known to cause cancer, to see how the two proteins within this class differ and interact with other proteins within the cell.

About the Scholars

Katie Brown, sophomore biology major

Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Why she's a Scholar: Doing research as an undergraduate is an invaluable experience. On a personal note, I have had several friends and family members affected by cancer, and I hope that I can honor them with my work.
What she hopes to learn: Through the GlaxoSmithKline program, I will be able to gain valuable research experience that will aid me in furthering my career as a biologist. I strongly believe that this experience will further inspire me to encourage young women to pursue scientific inquiries of their own.
Other organizations or programs: I am a student athlete at UNC Asheville. I am a member of the women's swim team.
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: All of the professors in the biology department at UNC Asheville are absolutely wonderful. They are passionate about what they do and care about the growth of each student. It is rare to find this at other universities, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I have been given at this institution.

Makenzy Mull, sophomore biology major

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Why she's a Scholar: The chance to work in Dr. Meigs's lab and the amazing opportunity this would be for my future studies.
What she hopes to learn: All about this medical biology research field, new techniques, presentation and writing skills, and how to independently work as an undergraduate researcher.
Other organizations or programs: Distinguished Young Women and peer tutoring
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I love having small classes and the ability to know your professors.

Courtney Quick, junior biology major

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Why she's a Scholar: My passion for Dr. Meigs' cancer research, chronic disease pathology and molecular biology as a whole attracted me this program.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to gain an immense amount of knowledge regarding the relationship between cancer growth and G protein signaling as well as the different pathways that interact with G protein signaling to drive cancer development. I hope to learn how to be a productive and inquisitive research student who is well-prepared for the rigorous research graduate school will entail.
Other organizations or programs: Internship with Cancer Care's Nutrition Department, IMPULSE Undergraduate Neuroscience Journal peer-reviewer, Honors Program
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I love the small and intimate community UNCA possesses. I have been able to develop great relationships with all of my professors and benefit from the close-knit environment within the classroom.

Samantha Nance, freshman biology major

Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Why she's a Scholar: I was attracted by the lab experience and the chance to actually make a difference in the scientific world.
What she hopes to learn: I hope to get a better understanding for what really goes into scientific discovery, as well as experience within a laboratory setting.
Other organizations or programs: Member of the Alliance student organization
Favorite thing about UNC Asheville: I know everybody says it, but the small class sizes really do help. I would have not gotten into this program if it weren't for the relationships I had built with my professors, and that wouldn't have been possible in a room full of over a hundred students. They care as much as you do.