Declaration of Major in Biology

Students can declare a major in biology online.

The Department of Biology offers a single B.S. degree that provides students with a diverse and rigorous interdisciplinary education for students who seek awareness of the living world and their role in it. The biology curriculum includes broad training across the major subfields of Biology, a strong foundation in investigative methods, and the opportunity to tailor upper-level coursework to the interests of each student. It also enables students to directly enter careers in biology or related fields, and it prepares students to enter graduate programs in biology or related disciplines, as well as health and medical-related fields.

All students in biology are recommended to consult with their advisor for suggestions of additional coursework that will help them achieve their educational and career goals. Students who intend to enter graduate school in health-related professions or cell and molecular biology are recommended to complete 16 total hours in chemistry, including CHEM 231, 232, 222; PHYS 231, and possibly additional coursework in statistics, biochemistry, and biology. Those who wish to pursue graduate studies in organismal biology, ecology, conservation, and related fields may seek additional coursework in Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics, as pertinent to their interests and goals.

Students seeking teacher licensure must fulfill all requirements for the General Biology concentration (including Physics 131), as well as other requirements in the education department.

Biology Minor

Students may also minor in biology by completing 20-22 hours of specified courses.

Course Requirements

Review the course requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog for each of the biology concentrations and biology minor.