Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


The major in Biology is designed to give students a substantial foundation in biology with an emphasis on investigative methods. Our carefully-designed courses provide a broad background for students who seek awareness of the living world and their role in it, as well as training preparatory to professional schools, graduate schools, or science education careers.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • SLO 1:  Students strengthen their skills in disciplinary writing.
  • SLO 2:  Students develop the ability to critically evaluate scientific information, using analytical reasoning and quantitative skills.
  • SLO 3:  Students are able to locate, understand, and cite primary literature from the discipline.
  • SLO 4:  Students are able to effectively and accurately synthesize and communicate scientific information appropriately for their intended audience.

Liberal Arts Core (LAC)

Learn more about the University of North Carolina Asheville’s Liberal Arts Core curriculum and requirements. All students at UNC Asheville complete these courses as part of their course of study, which provides a depth and breadth of understanding of humanity, from past to present and future.