Past Events

Biology and Environmental Studies Seminar Schedule, Spring 2017

*Unless otherwise noted, all seminars take place at UNC Asheville, in Rhoades Robinson Hall (RRO) Room 125, and at 12:00 pm.

February 23

Dr. Robert Bryant, Asheville Flavor Innovations

“Craft brewing could slow global warming: spent craft brewer's yeast suppressed methan production by livestock rumen microbes”


March 9

Dr. Michael Arfken, University of Prince Edward Island


March 23

Dr. Marian Buzon, University of West Georgia



April 6

Dr. Jacki Langille, UNC Asheville

“Fault-slip transfer through the central Walker Lane, western Nevada: Implications for the development of a tectonic boundary"

April 20

Dr. Jennifer Chandler, Appalachian State Unversity

Land use and Ginseng


April 26 (campus wide)

UNCA Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 27

Dr. Brice Noonan, University of Mississippi

Evolutionary genetics and tropical biodiversity