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Biology and Environmental Studies Seminar Schedule, Spring 2018

*Unless otherwise noted, all seminars take place at UNC Asheville, in Rhoades Robinson Hall (RRO) Room 125, and at 12:00 pm. 


Date Invited Speaker Home Institution Seminar Title

Aug 23


Aug 30

Dr. Graham Reynolds, UNC Asheville

"To the Out Islands!"- Reptile Diversity in Remote Corners of the Caribbean 

September 13

Dr. Amy Boyd, Warren Wilson College

Death watch in the desert: patterns of growth and mortality in the Nichol's Turk's Head cactus

Sep 20

Colleen Bove, UNC Chapel Hill

Impacts of ocean acidification and warming on the growth and physiology of four Caribbean reef-building corals

Sep 27

Dr. Garry Mayer, NOAA Fisheries

You Call that a Reef? Developing a National Standard for Classifying Coastal and Marine Habitats

Oct 4

Dr. Lisa Schleicher, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Designing Critical Infrastructure to Withstand Earth's Fury

October 11 FALL BREAK 

November 8

Kaylyn Gootman, UNC Chapel Hill

TBA (Sediment Transport)

November 15

Eve Humphrey, Florida State University

Under Pressure: stress and coloration as mediators of behavioral and physiological variation

November 22   THANKSGIVING

December 4 Undergraduate Research Symposium