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Biology and Environmental Studies Seminar Schedule, Spring 2018

*Unless otherwise noted, all seminars take place at UNC Asheville, in Rhoades Robinson Hall (RRO) Room 125, and at 12:00 pm. 


February 22

Dr. Dimitri Blondel, NC State University

“Social Behavior, Stress-reactivity, and the Role of Corticosterone in Prairie Voles Across Lab and Field"


March 8

Dr. Kevin Smith, Davidson College

TBD: "Conservation Biology"


March 22

Dr. Jen Hamel, Elon University

TBD: "Behavioral Ecology and Evolution in Insects"


March 29

Dr. Tim Colston, George Washington University

"Employing Next Generation Sequencing to Understand Biodiversity: From Microbes to Macroevolutionary Patterns"


April 5

Dr. James Vonesh, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Cascading Effects of Early Predators through Prey Ontogeny"


April 12

Dr. Kara Powder, Clemson University

"Identifying the Genomic Basis of Craniofacial Development and Evolution using Cichlid Fishes"


April 19

Dr. Matthew Niemiller, University of Alabama Hunstville

TBD: "Subterranean Biodiversity"


April 24 (campus wide)

UNCA Undergraduate Research Symposium


April 26

Dr. Suzanna Brauer, Appalachian State University

TBD: "Methane in Appalachian Bogs"