Biology is a highly interdisciplinary field of study, and our biology majors are preparing themselves for a variety of career choices. These include jobs in medicine and other health professions, cellular and molecular biology, ecology and conservation biology, and applied science and technology. In addition to attending classroom lectures and labs, biology majors are involved in other activities that help prepare them for post-graduate positions. These include participating in departmental seminars, engaging in undergraduate research at UNC Asheville, working and observing in health clinics and veterinarian offices, and gaining experiences in summer internships and research at other institutions around the country.

Biology is a highly interdisciplinary science and there are employment opportunities in a broad number of disciplines. Below are links to a variety of sites that provide a better feel for the types of jobs and professions that are available to biology graduates. Other links may help you locate suitable employment, or find graduate programs for advanced studies.

The sites below have links to specific careers: